Overwhelmingly Satisfied Customer!

Lorenzo Aguilera,  www.fitfocusmealpreps.com

Lorenzo Aguilera, www.fitfocusmealpreps.com

Originally was introduced to Anna’s work from a friends business so, when I decided to start my own business, I reached out to him and he referred Anna, highly recommending. I had a vision, an idea of what I pictured my business to “look”. I gave Anna very little to work with but, agreed to allow Anna to “do her thing”. Her process, communication and professionalism gave me comfort and confidence. Then came the work; She excelled my expectations so, I hired her for two more projects. One project was even requested last minute. Anna provided the final product beautiful imaging and with a remarkable digital concept. She truly overwhelmingly satisfied! Aside from our work together, her kindness and m down-to-earth personality allowed for some great conversations. I believe we have built a valued friendship from this and am looking forward to conducting future business with my friend. Anna exemplifies the true definition of hard work, creativity and above all, customer service! 

You’re the best Anna! Thank you!

Ryan Doris,  FortsEQ.com

Ryan Doris, FortsEQ.com

I am the classic entrepreneur client who knows what they want in their head, but has no idea how to communicate it. Anna has an ability to bring your ideas to fruition from understanding the entire context of you and your business. Not only is her work aesthetically pleasing, but it contains an element of someone who gets, “it." Her eclectic and diverse personal taste help her connect with a wide range of people and ideas. It feels good to hear a designer say the words, “I know what you’re trying to say." True graphic design to me is being able to understand an array of industries, trends, culture, and people. Ultimately, making the assortment connect visually with what the words can’t describe.



I contacted Anna for my graphic design needs on two occasions: to revamp my company’s brand identity and to help me develop my personal brand. From the jump, Anna met with me in-person, arranged conference calls and corresponded with me via email to learn about my business and brand inspirations. Instantly, I fell in love with the logos she created and sought her out for future projects. To date, Anna has designed my business cards, website graphics, quote cards for Instagram and my Facebook and Twitter cover photos.

What I love most about working with Anna is that she truly understands me. Collaborating with Anna has been the greatest experience I’ve had with a graphic designer! She’s always excited about her work, professional, transparent with her communication and turns over deliverables in a timely manner. I know my brand is in good hands when working with Anna! Without a doubt, I’d recommend her to any emerging or established businesses seeking one-on-one attention matched with top-quality work to take their brand to the next level!




As a fresh entrepreneur and former serial workhorse, I intended to create and develop the entirety of my brand from scratch with my own hands. I quickly learned that creating everything myself, spread me thin, which reduced my effectiveness with clients. This realization prompted me to change my tactics and contact Wilder by Design for assistance. I value organization and communication which Anna delivers every time. Anna is knowledgeable, an excellent listener, and extremely talented which when combined produce magnificent results. I gain from every conversation and cannot place a value on how she has improved my understanding of branding. I have absolute confidence in Anna and trust I am in good hands. 

Eugene Blackmon III


Katie Anne Rutherford,  PowerfitPerformance.com

Katie Anne Rutherford, PowerfitPerformance.com

As a small business owner, working with Anna on my brand and my website was one of the best decisions I could make. Anna has been attentive to all of my needs and took my projects on with excitement and dedication. She brainstormed new ideas for my logo, my brand, and my website in a timely and professional manner. I would highly recommend Anna for anyone looking for an expert designer who will bring ideas to the table that are both pleasing to the eye and true to your personality.