No matter which end of the spectrum you're on, you are guaranteed a close, collaborative design process with me.
Here are the options:



Brand Consulting

Sometimes, all you need is good, objective advice and someone to give you an outsider's perspective on what you could be doing better for you brand. We can either work very closely or independently - it's about whatever you need.

Brand Consulting includes:

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • 1-hr weekly virtual check-in meetings
  • Research and analysis documentation
  • Solutions and advice related to your brand and branding
  • Action plan and timeline to implement

Duration options:

  • 4 weeks; 2mos, 6mos; 1 year

Payment structure: Hourly, Flat fee, or Retainer

Social Media Design

If you already have a brand or company and feel as though your social media is falling flat or needs some visual uniformity, this package is tailored for you.

  • 12 social media graphics (3 designs per week per month)
  • 4mos or 6mos before re-evaluation.

Brand Development

Yes, you have a product or service. Yes, you're doing alright. Okay, now what? Whether you're starting a new company or trying to take an existing endeavor into a new direction, branding is essential to growth and sustainability.

Brand Development includes:

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Optional industry/competitor research and analysis
  • Visual identity: logo, fonts, colors, brand style guide
  • Stationery: business cards, letterhead
  • Brand messaging


  • 4-6 weeks

Payment structure: Flat fee or Retainer

Visual & Web Design

Not everyone wants nor needs the entire branding package, and that's fine. Print, web, social media, publication, packaging, business cards, logo design, doesn't matter - WBD can make it happen.

Visual Design includes:

  • Phone consultation
  • 2-3 rounds of revisions
  • Design and final files released

Duration: Project-by-project

Payment structure: Hourly, Flat fee, or Retainer