In Late August 2016...

Ryan decided he was going to set out on a new solo project which meant revamping his old YouTube platform with new videos, new written content, and a totally new approach based on his new lived experiences.

What he needed to start that was a name. Ryan and I sat down to solidify what is he truly wanted to do then we went through a naming process. Fortis EQ fell into place and I set out on a logo.


September - December 2016

Served as a period of ideas and solidification of concept. During this period, Ryan also told me what colors he was interested in having and developed a tagline - For the Rising Athlete. 

With a rough digital sketch that Ryan provided me, I set out to develop and finalize the logo. It was a simple process because we had already been very collaborative in the entire process.

From here forward, the foundational branding elements were derived, such as colors, fonts, backgrounds, and general look and feel.


January - February 2017

This period was primarily geared towards planning and producing content. While Ryan worked on his video content and finding his rhythm, I began working on his website. I selected a few Wordpress themes to choose from, we got it installed, put up a 'coming soon' landing page, then began building it out. From the icons down to the page layouts, we wanted everything to look cohesive but was as simple as it needed to be. 


March - April 2017

The site was accounted for but we began considering and developing what the YouTube and social media approach was going to look like. I designed the look of the video intro (produced by Brandon Wells) and outro, designed the look of the video thumbnails, updated his social media platforms with branded elements, and integrated MailChimp mailing list sign up onto both the site and his Facebook page.

In preparation for the launch, I went and made sure everything interconnected and linked back to one another so that the user/visitor felt they were having a full online experience with both Ryan and Fortis EQ.

Fortis EQ site officially launched April 30, 2017 to great reviews and praise - both for design and content.