The Strengthening of A Brand

CIrca 2012-2013, The beginnings were very humble...



I first began working with De Novo Nutrition in January 2014. DN had a logo that wasn't original at all, a Web 2.0 looking website, extremely generic packaging, and low-level social media presence.

Initially, all the executives thought they wanted was just a logo and maybe some packaging. By late February, I introduced the importance of branding to the team and I was asked to be on board as Lead Designer and Brand Manager (Developer). From there, I began branding development alongside the designing new packaging.

The foundational branding process was from February to September 2014. During this period, the logo, visual identity, and written identity were developed and brought to life. 



This year was vastly focused on growth and scaling up in regards to products and more grassroots marketing. In regards to branding, I focused on "presence" for De Novo, which meant strategic design, better packaging, solid messaging, a cohesive look, and having a recognizable look at events. This was aimed to solidify "who" De Novo was as a company, to the people, and, in turn, the brand. 

The De Novo Tribe ambassador program began in October 2015 with a huge campaign that ran through November 2015. It resulted in about 30-35 brand ambassadors that not only endorsed and promoted DN products, but expanded the company's reach to newer audiences and demographics, especially at events. 



More growth and expansion, internally and externally. The key focus was to be where our consumers were, scale up the inventory, and offer more product variety.