Hi, I'm Anna Wilder.

I went from freelance hustle, to corporate America, to start-up grind, to fast-paced agency life and now I need to be able to move at a more reasonable pace, taking the time to really get more personal and involved with clients and their businesses. Consider me your collaborator - not just your consultant.

My personal and financial freedom are of utmost importance to me and I want to help you get your freedom, too.

Experience & Expertise

MA, Design Management, Savannah College of Art & Design
BFA, Graphic Design, Columbia College Chicago

Skills: Graphic design, branding, print design, project management, brand development, brand strategy, creative direction, design management.

I offer: A sharp design eye, focus on brand, expertise in management, and a fresh perspective for all projects I take on.

Superpower: Curiosity-driven strategic thinking.

Other stuff: I'm a foodie, self-proclaimed Blerd, hip-hop enthusiast that loves exploring, enjoys being outdoors and hanging with animals - most especially felines.

I strive not necessarily to create something new and never before seen, but to make better all people or things I encounter; to tap into the potential; to amplify the strengths.